Braggin' Board 2008
not too much to brag about this year

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Paul took John bowhunting Nov 2008

John sat still for over an hour - but no deer



Paul got this doe Nov 23



Have you heard about the “Mondovi Buck”?? 

It was shot within a couple miles of where my aunt and uncle live.  Buffalo County, WI has more record book bucks than any other county in the US. 

My Aunt Carol sent me a newspaper clipping of the huge deer shot by Bob Decker from Eau Claire Nov 3, 2008.. 

He was speculated to be the new typical all time world record measuring over 230+ but in Jan09 was determined to be "non-typical" and thus not a world record.

This is the new record archery buck in Wisconsin in any class.


This was also determined to be the “Field & Stream Buck” that was filmed in late summer – still shots on the Sept08 magazine cover and video posted to their web site. 

Here’s a link to that video – looks like the same deer to me: