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Yeah Summer 2010 - CJ & John tubing

Team tubing!

CJ having fun on the boat
Corynne & Alyssa Chillaxin'...

Cleaned up for church...
Mom & Dad ready for church

Paul got to golf with Spar...FORE!!
Paul also golfed with Shawn and his boys, Kaz & Killian

John won 1st place and $25.00 at the Franklin Rodeo
Andy & Kaye Heup hosted a graduation party for Josh
Marcia, Paul, Mary, Kaye, Andy & Tracy

What a great party - Josh and his band rocked!
Spar made a BEERRUN...

the kids had front row seats for awesome live music
Andy's Mom Karen, Brother Mike & Andy

Andy built a great stage - with lights!
The Band

sister & brother getting along for a minute
CJ took the stage... YEAH!!