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Yeah Summer 2009 - see gallery

Mates on a date

CJ and John love hiking
Mama and the birds...

Cousin Ron Lamb in Chicago
Dinner with Cousin Jacob

Sister Diane with Jacob & Teddy - Port Pier
Beautiful Port Washington for "Fish Day 2009"

Andy, Ken, Paul & Corn
The Heup family: Josh, Andy, Kaye & Becca

The Simington family: Nathan, Traci, Ken & Heather
The campers - Simingtons, Barneys, & Heups

CJ with Uncle Ernie
Yeee Haw!!!  Ride 'em

YUMMM..... Jen & T-Bone brought awesome meat
Carol & Ernie are timeless

Little sister Jennifer & T-Bone (Terry Davis)
Taking a walk with Uncle Ernie